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Manbi Hats & Balaclavas

Keep your head and neck warm this winter with the range of goodies available from Manbi, including hats, balaclavas and neck chubes.All are extra soft using a microfleece material ensuring you are kept warm and cosy.

Many can be doubled up and used as a hat, balaclava or headband so you need only buy the one piece. They are also co-ordinated with the Manbi range of baselayers.

There are 4 Manbi Hats & Balaclavas from £4.95

Manbi Balaclavas From £4.95

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Manbi Hats (women) From £14.95

Below are the cheapest Manbi Hats (women)

Manbi Neck Chubes From £5.26

Below are the cheapest Manbi Neck Chubes

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