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Jackets and Fleeces

Having the right outer layer is of vital importance to keep you protected on the slopes – whether you are looking for a jacket or fleece option you will find something here .

Jackets and Fleeces

686 logo

686 Jackets

Independent company 686 produce a range of trendy, innovative jackets inspired by their skater street…

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analog logo

Analog Jackets

No matter what style you follow, trendy brand Analog will have a jacket just for…

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arcteryx logo

Arcteryx Jackets

Canadian company Arc’teryx will keep you warm and protected on the slopes whatever the elements…

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atomic logo

Atomic Ski Jackets

Built specifically for skiers rather than stemming from mountain clothing or climbing gear, the Atomic…

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berghaus logo

Berghaus Bodywarmers

For comfort and style nothing beats a bodywarmer. Berghaus bodywarmers not only look the part…

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berghaus logo

Berghaus Fleeces

For that extra bit of protection during the day a Berghaus fleece is a smart…

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berghaus logo

Berghaus Jackets

Berghaus offers a range of jackets for men, women and children which provide great protection…

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black diamond logo

Black Diamond Bodywarmers

For any conditions a Black Diamond bodywarmer provides that essential core warmth on the mountain…

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black diamond logo

Black Diamond Jackets

For cold starts and winter whiteouts nothing will protect you better than a Black Diamond…

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bonfire logo

Bonfire Jackets

A fusion of fashion and of course performance, a jacket from Bonfire really is a…

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burton logo

Burton Fleeces

With Burton fleeces you can be sure that mountain-ready performance meets everyday wearability and style….

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burton logo

Burton Jackets

With numerous designs and styles to choose from Burton jackets are a great choice for…

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colourwear logo

Colour Wear Jackets

Looking for a rider focused ski jacket? Then look no further than Colour Wear. The…

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craghoppers logo

Craghoppers Fleeces

There is no substitute for a great fleece and that’s where Craghoppers comes in. Lightweight,…

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craghoppers logo

Craghoppers Jackets

A Craghopper jacket is perfect for any adventure on the slopes and will keep you…

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dare2b logo

Dare 2b Fleeces

When it comes to outdoor adventures you can never have enough layers. That’s where the…

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dare2b logo

Dare 2b Jackets

Keep dry and warm on the slopes in this season in Dare 2b’s fully waterproof…

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icepeak logo

Icepeak Jackets

One of the biggest sports clothing brands in Europe, Icepeak offer a range of jackets…

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nike logo

Nike Jackets

Make sure you are fully protected on the mountain with a jacket from Nike, where…

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nikita logo

Nikita Jackets

Icelandic women only brand Nikita produces a range of stylish, trendy jackets so you can…

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oneill logo

O’Neill Fleeces

Internationally trendy brand O’Neill will keep you snug this season with their range of light…

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oneill logo

O’Neill Jackets

Looking for a new jacket? Then look no further than O’Neill. They have a wide…

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portwest logo

Portwest Jackets

Portwest produces high quality jackets that will offer you protection against all weather conditions and…

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regatta logo

Regatta Bodywarmers

Keep your core temperature warm with a Regatta bodywarmer. If you are looking for a…

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regatta logo

Regatta Fleeces

Fans of the great outdoors, Regatta produces a range of must have fleeces to keep…

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regatta logo

Regatta Jackets

Popular UK brand Regatta produces a range of high quality jackets that are fashionable and…

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salomon logo

Salomon Fleeces

World leading brand Salomon have a selection of warm, breathable fleeces that perform as well…

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salomon logo

Salomon Jackets

Salomon produces a huge range of jackets to keep you snug, warm and protected when…

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the north face logo

The North Face Jackets

Built to withstand the most extreme elements, a jacket from The North Face will certainly…

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thirtytwo logo

ThirtyTwo Jackets

With a range of trendy, yet functional jackets, ThirtyTwo manage to combine iconic design with…

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tog24 logo

Tog24 Jackets

Jackets from Tog24 are renowned for their quality and performance and of course for their…

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trespass logo

Trespass Fleeces

Whatever activity you have in mind, Trespass is sure to have a fleece to suit…

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trespass logo

Trespass Jackets

Hit the slopes in style with a Trespass jacket. Guaranteed to keep you snug and…

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volcom logo

Volcom Jackets

Looking for something a little different? Then why not take a look at the range…

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westbeach logo

Westbeach Jackets

Canadian clothing company Westbeach makes a fantastic range of jackets that will keep you warm…

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