All about the Rest and Relaxation

For many people the rest and relaxation associated with a skiing holiday is every bit as important as the skiing itself. In order to achieve this the accommodation they are staying in must have adequate if not excellent wellness facilities....

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top snow

Top 5 resorts for snow in 2013

Whilst all the recent snowfall in Britain may not be to everyone's liking the bumper snowfall that has occurred in many European resorts has been most welcome. France has had a huge amount of snow recently, here are 5 French...

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Europe v North America

It's been a few years since I last skied in North America and I feel a trip back there is well overdue. This got me thinking as to the differences between skiing in Europe and North America, and ultimately posed...

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How to avoid Ski Politics on a Group Holiday

It’s that time of year again when serious consideration needs to be given when organising a 2013/14 skiing holiday especially if like myself you are taking a group of 20+ friends and family. Why so early given the fact that we're...

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