Thermals and Base Layers Ski & Snowboard Resorts

Thermals and Base Layers

Slopes can be chilly places to be, so why not layer up and check out a range of thermals and base layers to ensure you’re kept both warm and dry this season .

Thermals and Base Layers

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Berghaus Base Layers

Berghaus have created a range of base layers that are highly breathable allowing for maximum…

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Dare 2b Base Layers

The importance of a base layer cannot be underestimated and Dare 2b recognise this with…

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Helly Hansen Base Layers

Helly Hansen have spent decades developing outdoor clothing and you can really see and feel…

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Horizon Base Layers

Base layers from Horizon boast a technical high wicking layer to move perspiration away from…

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Icebreaker Base Layers

Icebreaker have a fantastic range of base layers and thermal underwear that will keep you…

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Manbi Base Layers

Manbi produces a range of base layers ideal for skiing and snowboarding, providing the warmth…

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Oswald Bailey Base Layers

Base layers from Oswald Bailey will keep you warm and dry and can be used…

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Trekmates Base Layers

Trekmates produces a range of high quality, durable, long lasting base layers that will meet…

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