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Looking for some face protection whilst out on the slopes? Then look no further than Airhole.

The Vancouver based company makes a range of facemasks, balaclavas, neck tubes and scarves to keep you warm and protected from the elements. With a unique range of eye catching facemasks, Airhole products offer thermal protection from the wind, sun and humidity and have a handy breathing hole for your mouth so you can breathe, talk and drink easily.

There are 80 Airhole Facemasks from £15.50

Airhole Airtubes (unisex) From £15.50

Airhole Airtubes (women) From £22.00

Below are the cheapest Airhole Airtubes (women)

Airhole Balaclavas (unisex) From £35.24

Airhole Facemasks (unisex) From £19.00

Airhole Facemasks (women) From £20.00

Below are the cheapest Airhole Facemasks (women)

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