Ski more with Ski Mojo

Lost your ski mojo? Had an injury or are a bit unfit? Then get your Ski Mojo back today. A simple to use, discreet, easy to wear piece of kit that will enable you to ski for longer, harder and faster all day. It’s also been voted Number 1 ski gadget on the Gadget Show.

Ski Mojo is an exoskeleton – a spring loaded support that is worn under your ski pants. It’s lightweight and fits on to your boots and acts like a shock absorber for your knees – it offloads a third of your weight from your knees via powerful springs. Ski Mojo also encourages you to get in to the right skiing position, alleviates thigh burn, sore knees and allows you to ski for far longer.

You only need to engage the spring mechanism when you ski so when you are getting on and off lifts or having a break with a hot chocolate you are free to move as normal.

It can help if you have had a knee, hip or back injury as it alleviates the load on these areas of your body and reduces pain normally felt when having injuries of this kind, but you don’t have to have had an injury to use this remarkable piece of kit.

It’s a very simple system and works as follows:

  • You set the power of the Ski Mojo spring, according to your weight
  • Add and adjust the Ski Mojo attachments to your boots (supplied)
  • Put on your posture strap, adjust and tighten
  • Strap in the Ski Mojo to your boots and posture harness, adjust to your size
  • To activate click the button and you are spring loaded

That’s it, simple, effective and will have you springing in to action, why not try Ski Mojo today.

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