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As I was browsing through Snow and Rock’s latest brochure I became aware that bright colours, were making something of a revival with regard to clothing. Without consciously giving it much thought my mind started wandering back to the some of the garish outfits and fashion statements that graced the 80’s. Worse still I started to recall how I was indeed seduced by such fluorescent monstrosities, and thought you may like to share a trip down memory lane with me.

Whatever happened to… Nevica?

Nevica were the Rolls Royce of fashionable ski jackets back in the day and were much sort after. My first Nevica jacket was turquoise, pink and purple and as far as I was concerned was the best looking jacket I had ever seen. It was bright, very bright. So much so that possible retina burn was inevitable if you were unfortunate enough to look directly at without wearing precautionary mirrored shades. So what happened to Nevica?
Check out this link for a bit of nostalgia.

Whatever happened to… bumbags?

Bumbags (or rather alarmingly referred to as Fanny Packs by our good friends on the other side of the Atlantic) were the must have utility accessory back in the 80’s. They like Dr Who’s tardis were able to house a huge amount of items. Quite how we managed to fit in a pair of goggles, a wallet, lipsalve, a bobble hat, camera, water bottle and luminous face paints in them, all at the same time still remains a mystery. The problem with the bumbag was that no one really knew how to wear it. Wear it over your jacket and you lovely Nevica didn’t look so lovely, wear it under your jacket and you had an instant beer gut. Not ideal but somehow we all had one.

Whatever happened to… facepaints?

I alluded to face paints earlier but they really do deserve a special mention of their own. Along with the lipsalve, face paints in the 1980’s were a must. They had to be fluorescent and were generally applied as war paint across the cheeks and down one’s nose. Quite why we did this I’m not sure, but hey it was fun and complemented the Nevica nicely. Just in case you forgot the nostalgia then here are a few pics to remind you.

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